Family hotel “Apolonia”

More than 30 years tradition in hospitality!

The restaurant offers:


Children's menu

Lunch menu

Home made food

Fresh fish and seafood

Restaurant Apolonia is one of the best in Sozopol!

Restaurant is located on the first floor, has 100 seats and is open from 09:00 to 00:00 every day to gratify the desires of its customers and guests. Restaurant “Apolonia” has more than 25 years history in the industry!

It has an indoor lounge equipped with air conditioning, as well as a garden and terrace. Here is a lush vegetation all over the place, which adds up to the cosy and relaxing atmosphere.


English traditional breakfast

Scrambled eggs with bacon, sauteed fresh mushrooms, beans complemented with toasted bread


Homemade pancakes served with chocolate, honey or jam

Different types of omelettes with garnish

Eggs in combination with cheese supplemented with fresh seasonal vegetables


Classic sandwich baked with yellow cheese 


Tomatoes with mozzarella, Basil pesto

Classic Caprese salad of tomatoes, homemade pesto and first class mozzarella

Baked eggplant, tomato, cheese, parsley, olive paste, cheese paste and pesto sauce

Typically summer salad of selected seasonal vegetables with fresh spices and cheese

Salad of baked peppers with garlic and dill

Salad of freshly baked peppers, flavored and served with taste

Green salads with goat cheese and green figs green salads

Green salad is always a good choice in the summer, ours is prepared with homemade dressing and homemade green fig jam

Аn appetizer

Fried Zucchini

We are known with ours – “Crispy zucchini”, you should try it!

Baked halou cheese with grill seasonal vegetables

Another light, summer offering of roasted vegetables and Greek cheese

Shell clams

Black sea shells flavored with butter, wine and fresh spices

Fried squids rings

Crispy squid in Greek style served with garlic sauce

Main courses

Grilled squid with butter and garlic pesto

Delicate, fresh squid, sauteed and flavored with fresh spices

Fried Turbot

Carefully fried, fresh turbot

Fillet of sea bass with potatoes and grilled carrots

Fresh fish fillet supplemented with seasonal vegetables and spices

Schnitzel – Vienna style

Our schnitzel is made of pork bon fillet and served with fresh french fries


Veal meatballs with garnish

Meatballs from pure veal meat garnished with roast potatoes and fresh salad

Pork chop with baked potatoes, corn and salad

Pork cutlet made on barbeque with seasoning vegetables and fresh salad

Chicken chop grilled with garnish

Chicken chops garnished with seasonal vegetables , spices and garlic pesto

Home-made sausage made of chopped meat with garnish

 Homemade sausage served with roasted fresh potatoes


Biscuit cake

Delicate and light biscuit cake with mascarpone cream and chocolate

Home-made Nougat ice-cream

Homemade Nougat ice cream with nuts and fig jam

Yogurt with green fig jam

Traditional yogurt dessert with green figs and nuts

Chocolate souffle with milk chocolate

sweet chocolate temptation served with vanilla ice cream

Delicious food



In the restaurant our hotel guests will be welcomed like at home.
They will be able to escape from the noise of the lively Sozopol and immerse themselves in a peaceful, romantic atmosphere.

The restaurant will be awaits you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and offers special benefits and discounts to hotel guests