Conditions for stay for Bulgarian and international tourists

1.1 Reservations for Family Hotel Apolonia can be made using one of the following method
• Write an e-mail to ApoloniaSozopol@gmail.com
• Directly at our website www.Apolonia-Sozopol.com with credit/debit card ( it is preferred method for us)
• Write to us using the contact form on our website
• Call at +359 898 609977
• Visit us at the hotel
1.2. After we receive and process your request we will contact you to confirm the possibility of accommodation.
1.3. Conformation for your reservation will be sent to your designated email address. The email will contain the type and number of rooms reserved, date of check in and check out of the hotel, number of adults and children specified in registration, food options and the owed amount.
1.4. At the discretion of the hotel. As an insurance deposit, there may be a specified amount which shall be paid before checking into the hotel. We expect payment from you within 3 (three) working days after your reservation request. (unless another agreement has been made by the parties). The rest (if there is such) of the amount of the entire reservation, must be paid on the day of your check in. If you wish to cancel your booking and you have paid your deposit, cancelation fees do apply and are detailed below in conditions of cancelation.
1.5. When a deposit is required, your reservation is valid and is considered firmly CONFIRMED after sending the requested payment and receiving a conformation email.
1.6. In the case of an incomplete payment in the required time frame, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

2.1. Cancelation of a reservation can be done using one of the following methods
• Write an email to ApoloniaSozopol@gmail.com
• Using the contact form on our website
2.2. On cancelling a confirmed reservation, the client must pay penalties, unless in the case that the reservation was made using a special holiday package in which it is specified the latest dates for registration and cancelation.
2.3. On cancelling a reservation, you must pay a penalty. The penalty amount will be the deposit.
2.4. Family hotel Apolonia reserves the right to cancel a confirmed reservation in case of force majeure circumstances or others, outside of the managements control.
In these cases, the management will:
• Offer the client accommodation for a different period, with keeping the same conditions and prices
• Returning the clients paid deposit within a 30 (thirty) day period from the date of receiving the written confirmation of that being the request of the tourist. The client will not pay any penalties for this.

3.1 Times for arrival and check out:
• Arrival: Every day after 14:00pm.
• Check out: until 12:00am.
If a later check out Is used the first hour is subject to payment in the order of 10 (ten)% of the nightly price. The second subsequent is at 50 (fifty)% and the third hour at 100 (one-hundred) %. The reservations are paid by 24:00 on the day of arrival
3.2. Pets are not allowed
3.3. Checking into the hotel can be done only after presenting a legal form of identification verifying the identity of the guests. All the information that you provide to us is secured under the “ЗащитанаЛичнитеДанни” act, and enactments regulation the security of information and processing only about:
The fundamental requirements asked by “ЗаконазаТуризма”.This information will be used only in connection with your reservation and will not be disclosed to other parties.

• In cashin the local currency (BGN)at the hotel.

5.1. Family hotel Apolonia takes the responsibility to provide the client all declared and paid services.
5.2. Family hotel Apolonia commits to not changing the price of the already paid services of the client. Unless in extenuating circumstances where it is economically justified.
5.3. Family hotel Apolonia does not hold liability for damages caused by third parties.
5.4. All advertisements related to the paid services must be brought by the client to the hotel for clarification. This is done in written form. If the claims are not met, the client shall ask the legal authority to create a report of the issue. In up to 3 (three) working days after the creation of the report the client will receive in writing the official position regarding the problem by the hotel.
5.5.When the client creates a reservation, they enter a contractual relationship with family hotel Apolonia and accepts the terms and conditions of family hotel Apolonia.
The clients utilizing the services of family hotel Apolonia must be over the age of majority in the Republic of Bulgaria (18 years of age). Persons under this age are only accepted if and only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
5.6. Any service paid and is not used or only partially used is not refundable.
5.7. All prices listed on the website of family hotel Apolonia and in emails by the hotel sent to the client are in Bulgarian lev and include VAT and the tourist tax. In some cases, these may contain promotions and other fees. If you require any extra information regarding our offers, our team is happy to help.
5.8. Calculation for other services are not calculated automatically and are not included in the final subtotal and must be paid separately in the hotel.
5.9. The hotel does not hold responsibility for lost, forgotten or stolen property from rooms. The restaurant does not hold responsibility for damages caused by third parties.
5.10. The client takes responsibility for their good behaviour during their stay at the hotel.If any material damage is endured to the hotel all costs for repair shall be paid by the client.
5.11. The client is responsible for not leaving their children unattended on the grounds of family hotel Apolonia. The hotel does not hold responsibility for children under the age of 18 left unattended.
5.12. Family hotel Apolonia reserves the right to amend any information on this page and any of its terms at any time. Although extraordinary efforts have been made for all information on this page to be accurate. This cannot always be guaranteed.
5.13.For all disputes and legal issues not cleared up with the current revision of the conditions for stay, and come up during the use of the website www.Apolonia-Sozopol.com. Come into force the laws and mandatory provision of the Republic of Bulgaria